The BluOne Townhall

BluOne conducted a townhall to give a brief about the genesis and vision of the ecosystem, make new announcements, and update the team with initiatives taken in the organization.

There has been a shift from the industrial age largely governed by corporate motives to conscious organizations – businesses that run on the philosophy of giving back. Our mentor and chairman, Partho talked about the balance between corporate interests of the industrial age and the philosophical ideology of conscious businesses being the driving force behind the birth of BluOne.

Partho focussed on the motto and belief of BluOne, Excellence in Execution – an expression for creating an environment, organization, or system where each individual expresses their full potential and delivers happily. BluOne believes in creating a workplace where the sense of fulfillment and content is at its heart.

Further on, Anirudh Chakravartty, our executive director, talked about the progressively growing ecosystem of BluOne in the U.S. and India which stands at more than 2000 people today. He also elaborated on the measures BluOne takes as a conscious organization to help create a positive impact on the world through the Auroveda and Auromir foundations – both not-for-profit ventures working at the grassroots level towards the development and empowerment of underprivileged women, children, and artisans in India.

The Townhall concluded with updating the team about various initiatives the organization is taking and rewarding the associates for winning the art competition and commendable performances at the workplace.

BluOne turns six
BluOne paints

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