BluOne paints

While dining and chatting in the cafeteria, a few people from various BluOne companies discussed to turn the space into a livelier and more vibrant one.

So, we actively started searching for ideas to liven up the space and indulge our associates in a fun, colorful activity. That’s when we held an art competition that dug up hidden artists in our people to help us enhance our cafeteria space with their colored canvases.

About fifty associates took part in the competition. They pulled up all the skills they had learned since their kindergarten. The final artworks were quite interesting and exceeded our expectations. The event wrapped up with loads of applauses and praises for our enthusiastic participants.

And now, BluOne has a lively cafeteria!

All appreciation to our associates with hidden artists in them.

The BluOne Townhall
HOM India R&R Quarter II of 2021

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