Built to Serve

We started our journey in 2016, with the thought of creating conscious wealth that could support our non-profit ventures – Auromir and Auroveda Foundation – in their work at the grassroots level towards empowerment of the underprivileged.

Built to Serve
build to excel

Built to Excel

Starting with Revenue Cycle Management for the United States Managed Care, we soon added digital product design, branding and marketing communication, publishing, research, and talent management to our portfolio. In almost all of these businesses, we started as innocent and inquisitive children and quickly grew to become a trusted partners and advisors for our customers.

Built to Last

Ours is an ecosystem of people-first process-next businesses. We like people to grow with us, and we go the extra mile to provide our teams with an experiential learning, a delightful experience, and all other means necessary for them to grow not just as professionals but as human beings. Our teams are built on mutual respect that recognizes and promotes talent.

Built to Last



Mentor and Chairman

Anirudh Chakravartty

Executive Director

Mugdha Misri


The name ‘BluOne’ is a reference to Sri Krishna and Shiva — the color blue is associated with their blue aura which signifies vastness, cosmicity, all-inclusiveness.