Anirudh Chakravartty, Executive Director

As an executive director of BluOne, Anirudh is involved in strategic thinking, exponential growth of the ecosystem, research and development, technology improvement, and building cliental relationships.

Anirudh firmly believes people and work need to be addressed with equal care and regard they deserve. According to him, establishing a sense of mutual respect amongst people, equality at work, and transparency in conduct is the way to a successful organization.

The perpetual hovering thought and question - ‘Can we serve the conscious business we talk about?’ is one of the key motivators for Anirudh. The constant yearning to improve and attain excellence keeps him going daily.

Anirudh’s simple theory about being involved in anything and everything he does is because of his deep passion for it. His passion lies in the idea that nothing is perfect and everything has a scope for improvement.

To constantly endeavor for excellence without compromise, to always have an eye out for imperfections and provide solutions for them, and to strive for impeccable quality are demanding efforts for Anirudh.