Creating a Conscious Organisation – A Session by Mr. Partho

On the eve of BluOne’s 3rd anniversary, a session on ‘Conscious Organisation’ was conducted by our mentor Partho. In the session, Partho discussed the concept of conscious organisations and conscious capitalism, as well as the process of creating a conscious organisation with dharma, core competence and mindfulness as building blocks. According to Parthoji, an organisation can be termed conscious when it works with the collective consciousness of the employees to create an environment where everyone is vigilant and unresolved issues do not go un-noticed as they often do in various organisations. He also discussed Dharma – the principle that upholds and protects — our inner truth, which acts as our motivating force to be and do good, to act according to Truth. Our dharma is what defines us. According to Parthoji, we should strive to create a transparent culture where people feel empowered to speak up and approach management. He also emphasized the need for employees to find their core competence. Core competence differs from a trait or passion, it defines a person’s area of expertise, for example, problem-solving, accounting or teaching. Attaining excellence in one’s core competency results in a symbiotic growth of the organisation and the individual. We thank you all for being a part of this organisation. We encourage all of you to excel in all that you do, within and outside of BluOne. Find your dharma, and align it with BluOne’s dharma, and let us all grow together.

Thank You,
Team BluOne

What is BluOne’s dharma?
To work for the highest good of all, honestly and consciously. To create a conscious and happy workplace committed to mutual respect, personal sincerity and excellence.

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